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appointment-note writer

by John DiTraglia, MD

Calling to make or cancel or change or check on an appointment takes up a large percent of the constant ringing of our phones. Online appointment makers already exist but our goes a big step further.

Portsmouth, OH For the Doctor's Office

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About this project

The problem we solve:
Computers have improved productivity in every profession but medicine. The EMR has decreased our productivity.
About our solution:
When the patient is seen his note is almost all written. When an appointment is made we ask what are you coming for? check-up, immunizations, a problem?..the answer to that question leads to a second very simple and specific question and then a third on the basis of the second answer.
Progress to date: We have our online appointment maker up and running and slowly gaining traction. Everybody says it is a great idea and works great but are coming to actually use it slowly.

About Our Team

Dr. John DiTraglia, MD
Pediatric Urology , Practicing Physician
Location: Portsmouth, Ohio
Medical school: New Jersey Medical School CMDNJ
Bio: Primary care for 33 years
Practice: Pediatrics
Title: Pediatrics

About Our Company

Location: Portsmouth, Ohio
Product stage: proto
Sales: Working on it
Employees: 10-20

How We Help Patients

The time to communicate with their doctor is a vital need of our patients. Computers have often come between us but need'nt. Computers should help rather than interfere with communication by freeing us to sit and face and communicate with our patients rather than with a screen.

How We Help Physicians

Our appontment-note writer frees us and our office staff from the phone and the computer to an important degree and also decreases clerical work between or after patient visits.

Challenge Mission

Mission: By decreasing clerical work and improving patient interactions.
Use of funds: Software and security improvements.
Intellectual Property Status: no patent
FDA Status: unaware of any FDA issues
Personal Message: This simple solution could revolutionize the practice of medicine.


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    04/25/2016 Daniel Gardner - Physician

    Interested in trying the project.

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    04/25/2016 N Zalavadia - Pharmacist

    Liked the project.













John DiTraglia, MD
New Jersey Medical School CMDNJ

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