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Movn Cardio : Smartphone-based cardiac rehab

by Arash Harzand, MD,MBA

Helping hospitals implement home-based cardiac rehab programs delivered through patients’ mobile devices, leadingg to increased patient enrollment and improved outcomes including reduce readmissions

Marina Del Rey, CA Cardiovascular Disease

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About this project

The problem we solve:
Cardiac rehab (CR) is a supervised program prescribed to patients with recent cardiac events. Patients who complete rehab cut their risk of readmissions by half. However only 20% of patients enroll because it's inconvenient and expensive (36 hospital visits, long commutes, conflicts with work schedules & up to $1,800 in co-pay). As a result, hospitals lose out on revenue from reimbursements. With changes to healthcare law and the advent of bundled payments, hospitals will have to pay $1 billion in readmission penalties because their patients don’t do rehab. Hospitals are limited by the current delivery mechanism of rehab that requires a lot of physical infrastructure. Thus scalable methods for taking care of patients after discharge are essential.

About our solution:
Moving Analytics helps hospitals increase participation in CR through technology enabled, home-based programs. We offer a turnkey solution consisting of an evidence-based program, technology platform and implementation expertise. Using our product, hospitals can seamlessly offer a more convenient and affordable rehab program to the 80% of patients who don’t participate thereby increasing enrollment, generating additional revenue and reducing readmissions. We provide a turnkey solution including a mobile app for patients, a case-management system for nurses and implementation services so any hospital can deliver a scalable, evidence-based rehab program that patients can do in the comfort of their homes. Every patient in the Moving Analytics program goes through a 12-week home-based program. When a patient discharged, a nurse creates a customized care plan on her dashboard and helps the patient download this plan on their smartphone. The app guides the patient through daily rehab goals.
Progress to date: Since launching their product in March 2015, Moving Analytics works with 10 hospitals including Keck School of Medicine, Trinity Health, NYU Langone and VA Atlanta. Moving Analytics has also received several prestigious awards including: 2015 Innovation Award, by American Heart Association, Winner best bootstrapped startup 2015, by SXSW, Winner National Pitch Competition, by Louisville Innovation Summit.

About Our Team

Dr. Arash Harzand, MD,MBA
Cardiology, Resident
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Medical school: Emory University School of Medicine
Bio: I'm currently a 1st-year Fellow in Training in Cardiovascular Disease at the Emory University School of Medicine. My research interests include cardiac rehabilitation, cardiac arrest, and the intersection of mobile technology and improved cardiovascular outcomes. I went to the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine where I graduated in 2011 with combined MD/MBA degrees.
Practice: Emory Healthcare
Hospital Affiliation: Emory University Hospital, Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta VA Medical Center
Title: Fellow
Twitter: @arashharzand

About Team Members

Harsh Vathsangam
Biography: I am Co-Founder and CEO of Moving Analytics. I am driven by a passion for taking technological solutions and applying them to benefit people's lives. I received my PhD from the University of Southern California working at the intersection of big data and mobile health. I hold an undergraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. I am also one of the inventors of iGest, an alternative communication device for children with cerebral palsy and winner of the NASCOMM award.

About Our Company

Moving Analytics Inc.
Location: Marina Del Rey, California
Twitter: @movinganalytics
Product stage: market
Sales: Less than $250,000
Employees: 5-10

How We Help Patients

Cardiac rehab is a proven program that can double 5-year mortality and reduce readmissions by half. However, cardiac rehab is limited by lack of access. By helping deliver a more scalable, cost-effective program to more patients at lower infrastructural overhead, our solution can help more patients receive the benefits of rehab. This increased access will empower patients to take healthy decisions to avoid cardiovascular disease. Our solution can easily be extended to primary prevention of cardiovascular disease as well.

How We Help Education

The next wave of innovation regarding new care delivery models will involve digital health and health IT solutions. It is now more imperative than ever that we train tomorrow's physicians in the role that these emerging technologies will play in a rapidly evolving health delivery landscape. A program like Moving Analytics is a prime example of how technology can be used to expand access to service for patients, and medical students and residents will be able to witness first hand how these new solutions can impact patient care in a positive way.

How We Help Physicians

Moving Analytics provides physicians with a viable, easy to access method for providing post-acute care for patients with a myriad of conditions, including acute myocardial infarction, following coronary artery bypass grafting, percutaneous coronary interventions, and congestive heart failure to list a few. It further helps physicians improve patient outcomes, leading to increased longevity, functional status, and less frequent readmission for their patients.

Challenge Mission

Mission: Moving Analytics is part of a new breed of digital health startups that are using digital technologies to expand access to guideline and evidence-based clinical interventions.
Use of funds: The funds would be directly applied to an ongoing clinical trial for Movn Cardio program taking place at Emory University School of Medicine and the Atlanta VA Medical Center. The majority of the funds would be used to support nursing time to support patients as they enroll in the Movn Cardio program, as well as for providing those patients who do not have mobile devices access to smartphones and data plans in order for them to participate.
Intellectual Property Status: Moving Analytics’ Movn Cardio software is based on MULTIFIT, a home-based chronic disease management program developed by Stanford University and Kaiser Permanente. MULTIFIT has been validated on over 70,000 patients served to shown 60% enrollment and equ
FDA Status: No FDA clearance required.
Personal Message: Nationwide, only about 20% of eligible patients participate in cardiac rehab. Among Veterans, this number decreases to less than 10%. Cardiac rehab carries a class I indication from the AHA/ACC, which places it in the same recommendation level as aspirin for patients with CAD, however the adoption rate remains significantly sub par. Moving Analytics represents the first true opportunity to expand this much needed service using new digital health tools.


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Arash Harzand, MD,MBA
Emory University School of Medicine

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