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VidVisit - Better healthcare through better communication

by Samant Virk, MD

People upgrade service when they fly or even to have a product delivered to them faster. We’re upgrading the way doctors can respond to their patients needs, efficiently and online.

Valhalla, NY Health Information Technology

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About this project

The problem we solve:
With hundreds of millions to over a billion patient messages to their doctors every year and the rapid growth of more convenient, but fragmented medical care, patients are seeking better, more convenient access to their doctors offices while doctors are seeking to reduce the $25-$40,000 a year per doctor of unreimbursed care they provide while also minimizing lost revenue from the 5-30% of open, no show or cancelled appointments during their day. Doctors are seeking more convenient but reimbursable ways to provide care while patients are seeking more convenient care options they prefer with their own doctors. To address this, doctors have tried solutions like ZocDoc while patients are increasingly using alternative options like retail clinics, urgent cares and random online doctors.

About our solution:
Our solution creates a way for patients to message their doctors office and pay for the office to send them a link for a scheduled video visit with a clinician in the office with whom they can discuss whatever is they need. The doctors office can plug these visits into open appointment times during their day while reducing the unreimbursed care they provide. The doctors office can set whatever fee they would like to charge the patients. This way the patient gets a dedicated, predictable time they know they will get their question addressed rather than a game of phone tag or waiting days while the doctors office fills in open appointment times and gets paid.
Progress to date: We have the video visit solution up and running where scheduled visits can be created and sent in less than 30 seconds. The quick, easy connectivity for both doctors and patients hassle been created as has the call record and ability to add individual providers to an office account so it is known who the visit is scheduled for and who saw which patient. We are now completing the patient messaging part of the service where we can quickly and easily place a pre configured button on the doctors website or portal which their patients can deploy to fill out a form that takes less than 30 seconds to fill out then fill out credit card/health corresponding account information and submit. This will be done in the next 2-4 weeks.

About Our Team

Dr. Samant Virk, MD
Pain Medicine (Anesthesiology), Practicing Physician
Medical school: St. George's University School of Medicine
Bio: I'm a baseball fan born and raised in New York who loves being active and tends to question things way too much. I'm also a physician. Trained in Neurology and Pain Management, I found that over the almost 15 years I was practicing the thing I was most passionate about, communicating with patients, was becoming a smaller part of my everyday experience. Rather than work everyday doing something that was becoming increasingly dissatisfying, I decided to do something about it.
Title: MD
Twitter: @medisprout
LinkedIn: samantvirk

About Team Members

Randy Findley
Biography: In addition to spending half his time on a boat growing up around Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, Randy is an accomplished developer and entrepreneur having created and successfully exited two prior ventures. Beyond that he is motivated to create a better solution for patients to communicate with their own doctors that comes from his personal experience as a patient who has had significant back surgery and understands the value of being able to communicate with your doctor when you need help.
Twitter: @medisprout
Craig Nurick
Advisor/Head of Marketing, BS
Biography: Craig has taken the amazing street sense redeveloped growing up around Philadelphia complemented it with a great education and turned into a successful entrepreneur who has created and successfully exited several business ventures in a variety of spaces. While having created several businesses in the healthcare space, his most recent exit was a device created as a screening tool for doctors to use with their autistic patients.
Twitter: @medisprout
Michelle Bourque
Advisor/Head of Sales, MS
Biography: Outside of her humor which keeps everyone around her loose, her strong sense of teamwork and caring with the charitable work which is an important part of her life, she is a sales lead at Medtronic where she has learned the ins and outs of selling into medical practices and healthcare organizations.
Twitter: @medisprout

About Our Company

Location: Valhalla, New York
Twitter: @medisprout
Other link:
Product stage: ready
Sales: Less than $250,000
Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

The fact is that we all have our own medical story - having a doctors office who has lived that story with you is priceless and it’s this continuity of care that is one of the foundations for people to live longer, healthier lives. To this end, MediSprout has designed a unique approach to using video technology to reestablish the relationship patients have with their own doctors as their primary source of healthcare. We can bank, shop or get legal advice online while accessing medical care, information or advice from our doctors offices results in waiting days or weeks for an appointment or just struggling to get a call back while doctors have no efficient way to provide continuity either. MediSprout makes it easy for patients and their doctors to connect - doctors offices quickly sign up for our service and make it available to their patients who can use it to self-schedule a video visit with someone in their own doctors office. Better care, more convenient.

How We Help Physicians

Physician practices are dealing with issues like providing $25,000-$40,000 of unreimbursed care a year and lost revenue from 5-30% appointment no show/cancellation rates. MediSprout gives physicians a no up front cost solution they quickly sign up for and offer to their patients to use as a messaging alternative where patients pay a fee, set by the doctors office, to easily schedule a video visit which can be plugged into an open appointment slot in their own doctors office. Physicians address unreimbursed care while also filling up open visit times which are losing revenue. While improving quality and continuity, it addresses physician quality of life staying after hours answering patient messages as well as a no cost on call service. Patients are now consumers paying for convenience and predictability for non-medical services and upgrades as well as those choosing concierge medical care. It’s a simple to implement solution addressing needs of both patients and doctors!

Challenge Mission

Mission: As we grow our online doctor-patient community on VidCare, we want to promote physician-led innovation to access and use this community so we can all be leaders in creating a healthier nation!
Use of funds: We would use funds to put toward further development and marketing. We have a plan in place, created with a marketing professional, for a two pronged marketing approach which we have already begun implementing. We would also put funds towards meeting ongoing developmental and design milestones. We are putting a structure in place that will keep us up to date with the latest innovation while also keeping our focus on simplicity. Too much technology in healthcare is too complicated while in all other parts of our lives it has been seamless. With that lesson, we would use funds to maintain a effortless user experience for both physicians and their patients. We also want to develop to ensure the technology stays focused on the needs of the doctors and their patients.
Intellectual Property Status: IP pending
FDA Status: FDA clearance not applicable.
Personal Message: While anyone can bank, shop or book travel online, we still deliver healthcare the same way they did 50 years ago. If you think it’s time for a change and want to empower both physicians and their patients to connect and communicate in a way that’s more efficient, maintains continuity and benefits them both please support us and give us your vote! If you are a medical practice who would like to pilot or demo our solution to change the way you manage your patients we would love to talk!


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Samant Virk, MD
St. George's University School of Medicine

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