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Automating Updates in the Emergency Department

by Carrie Mendoza, MD

ED Loop is a HIPAA compliant platform that allows the Emergency Department care team to text one-way updates directly to a patient's phone during their department stay.

Chicago, IL Emergency Medicine

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About this project

The problem we solve:
ED Loop solves the problem of poor patient and physician experience in Emergency Departments (EDs) caused by poor communication. This leads to an $11 billion loss in revenue for hospitals and physicians rooted in decreased patients/hour billed, patients leaving the waiting room before been seen, malpractice costs, poor consumer website ratings, and penalties from value based purchasing via low patient satisfaction scores. No other product gives the care team a tool to automate ED updates by secure texting one way between ED staff and patients/families. Other texting products are peer to peer or outpatient tools, not in-hospital tools to link patients and physicians in the ED. With 140 million ED visits/year and growing, we created a tool that uses technology to give the ED care team better control to manage a patient's experience during their shift, increase efficiency, allow more quality time at the bedside, and help the #1 ranked burned out MDs.

About our solution:
ED Loop is based on standard ED workflows. A patient or surrogate enrolls through an easy process. The ED care team member (physicians, nurses, physician assistants (PAs), nurse practitioners (NPs), residents, or scribes) is then able to sign up for patients on a secure dashboard where they can text, one-way only, prewritten messages. The messages communicate process updates, such as "heavy ambulance traffic", "thank you for being patient while you wait", "your labs are still pending", "I will be down to review results shortly". Patients cannot text back. No personal or private health information is texted. In addition to automating updates, ED Loop creates a care team member bio with a picture. The care team member who signs up for the patient can text the enrollee their bio to establish a more personal connection. ED specific content and follow-up clinic numbers can be texted directly to a patient's phone, improving education, adherence, and navigation.
Progress to date: ED Loop software is complete and ready for implementation. It has passed security and technical reviews at my hospital. I am in discussion with several hospitals and a NICU to pilot the software.

About Our Team

Dr. Carrie Mendoza, MD
Emergency Medicine, Practicing Physician
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Medical school: Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Ch
Bio: I am an Attending Emergency Medicine physician at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center dedicated to improving the physician and patient experience. I have a Master’s Degree in Art History, medical degree from the University of Chicago, completed an Emergency Medicine residency at Denver Health Medical Center and a fellowship in Medical Toxicology at the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center. I am dedicated to creating tools to renew and restore the doctor-patient relationship.
Hospital Affiliation: Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center
Title: Co-founder

About Our Company

ED Loop
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Product stage: ready
Sales: Working on it
Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

The Emergency Department (ED) lengths of stay are often 4 or 5 hours, sometimes longer because of the increasing complexity of patients. Borders can be there for a day or more. This length of stay is poorly managed because of the hectic environment. ED Loop not only keeps patients and families informed during their stay but provides a platform to educate. It is also a tool to satisfy the care team and patient's desires to be better educated and informed by texting content directly to their phones to spark more meaningful and less rushed bedside conversations. How about texting a video about GERD to your patient's phone, then following up with a bedside conversation prior to discharge? Smoking cessation tips? Low risk chest pain options? The possibilities are endless to use the long length of stays to drive compliance, decrease unnecessary future ED visits and readmissions, and help patients live longer, healthier lives.

How We Help Education

By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be Millennials. The digital natives will be taking over the health care work force but will also be health care consumers and caregivers. Let's give everyone a tool that is now part of our daily behavior-texting- to improve the ED for all. We need the best and brightest to stay in health care by creating and supporting tools like ED Loop.

How We Help Physicians

The ED physician experience is also strained. With the increasing patient volumes, an aging population with complex problems, demands of electronic health record documentation, and increasing Medicare regulatory compliance mandates, the ED physician is pulled in many directions. They spend less than 30% of their time at the bedside with a patient but are tethered to a computer completing documentation or order entry. The ED physician often struggles to effectively update patients about their progress in the system. They must crisscross the department and often get interrupted before getting to a patient's room to provide an update. With patient satisfaction scores tied to their salaries, it is not surprising that ED physicians ranked #1 in physician burnout in many recent surveys. In this current healthcare environment, the ED physician needs tools to automate their workflow and boost patient education in a smart way. ED Loop will allow them to spend more quality time at the bedside.

Challenge Mission

Mission: ED Loop is created to help renew and restore the doctor-patient relationship. I want to keep great people working in the ED so they can improve and save lives.
Use of funds: The funds would be used to pay for cyber insurance, patent fees, and translation services to have messages in other languages such as Spanish.
Intellectual Property Status: ED Loop owns all the IP. A provisional patent application filing is pending.
FDA Status: Not applicable
Personal Message: Our EDs are the crossroads and safety net of the health care system yet we don't optimize the experience for the clinicians or patients and their families. Keep great clinicians in the emergency department by supporting tools to help our workflow and stay connected to our patients. We want to keep the best and brightest clinicians in the ED to educate patients and save lives!


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Carrie Mendoza, MD
Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Ch

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