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SHIFT: Achieving Real Health

by Ari Levy, MD, MBA

SHIFT is a revolutionary approach to healthcare that transforms people’s lives by bringing together excellent medical care with the best in health coaching, fitness, nutrition and recovery.

Chicago, IL Integrative Preventive Health

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About this project

The problem we solve:
Various domains of health are addressed through separate and distinct consumer offerings, and individuals are left unassisted in their attempts to merge and make sense of these offerings in order to create a healthy life. Healthcare costs are rising at an alarming rate, while Americans’ health continues to deteriorate. While our scientific understanding of how to live better, live longer and with less disease burden has improved, our practical application of this understanding has not.

About our solution:
At SHIFT, a single supportive voice helps members build and improve their quality of life. Led by subject matter experts in medicine, health, habits, fitness, nutrition, and recovery, SHIFT assesses, analyzes, and creates plans specific to members, yielding each improved health outcomes and an outstanding member experience. When patients join SHIFT as members, they receive a physical and behavioral assessment that determines their current health status, goals, and needs. We then assign them a coach who works with them to incorporate healthy habits and behaviors from each of these segments of their health into their daily lives (including fitness, nutrition and recovery). Through this model of behavioral change and multifaceted health, we will empower our members to improve every aspect of their lives by building their own Real Health - were the subjective and objective measures of your health are congruent.
Progress to date: Completed business plan, financial model and brand identity. Secured the lease for the space and began renovations with a target of opening in December 2016. In the process of developing the brand and marketing materials and member experience processes. Next steps will be to secure founding members.

About Our Team

Dr. Ari Levy, MD, MBA
Internal Medicine, Practicing Physician
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Medical school: University of Illinois College of Medicine
Bio: I began my career as as a personal trainer, working with individuals to achieve their fitness goals. I then started practicing medicine with a focus on prevention, seeing the opportunity to achieve health through a combination of the science of medicine and the discipline of fitness. Most recently, my team and I at Engaged Health Solutions helped individuals with their habits and behavior to create the right environment for health in their lives. Now, I am focusing my efforts on SHIFT's success.
Practice: SHIFT Medical, LLC
Hospital Affiliation: University of Chicago
Title: CEO/Founder

About Our Company

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Product stage: proto
Sales: Working on it
Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

Real Health is only possible when patients modify their lifestyles for an extended period of time in order to achieve their desired health outcomes. With the help of a SHIFT coach, individuals have the ongoing support and accountability they need to establish healthy habits and behaviors. Coaches communicate with each patient's physician, registered dietitian, personal trainer, medical specialists, and all other health experts in the patient's life to synthesize a health management plan that fits into the patient's everyday life. Exercise, diet, and health information tracking along with consistent communication between patient and coach give each person the foundation to build beneficial habits, and eventually, Real Health.

How We Help Education

Physician education today doesn't properly address or account for any health coaching related to habits and lifestyle. At SHIFT, we have a health coach training program that every doctor, coach, trainer and employee will be certified in as part of their employment. Consumers and patients are asking for this level of service and treatment. As an industry, we can expect that this is where patient service and care is headed and we must prepare the physicians of the future for it.

How We Help Physicians

Physicians are currently under pressure to see patients for extremely short periods, and we are often forced to spend as little as fifteen minutes or fewer on each patient. SHIFT's approach allows physicians to go beyond these short-lived points of contact and help patients to make informed, empowered choices that positively impact their health. As doctors, the ability to see and change how a patient's daily choices affect their health is key to truly helping our patients. With SHIFT's coaching structure, we can provide coaches with our patient's health needs and desires, and then remain in constant contact with their coach as the patient moves closer to Real Health. By continuing the doctor-patient relationship beyond the occasional appointment, the physician finally has a complete understanding of the patient's health and a method of applying this understanding to benefit our patients in their work, home, and all other aspects of their lives.

Challenge Mission

Mission: Through SHIFT's revolutionary model, physicians have new ways of connecting to patients and working alongside them to improve health outcomes and positively impact the health of the entire nation.
Use of funds: The AMA Innovation funds would contribute to the total investment we need to raise to help move us closer to making SHIFT a reality and opening our first facility by the end of 2016. Our business plan includes a comprehensive description of our strategy and model, including sources and uses of funds. Primary use will be in member experience and services, technology and facility.
Intellectual Property Status: At SHIFT, we capture data through health apps, email and texts in order to create an Electronic Medical Record. It analyses the data and uses predictive analytics to predict when and if their patient will deviate from their health plan.
FDA Status: Not applicable.
Personal Message: Real Health is a powerful idea that SHIFT is transforming into reality. Everyone deserves to know that their health is in their hands and to feel empowered and informed enough to build Real Health. Join us in realizing this goal as we shift from sick care to health care, from knowing to doing, from sitting to sweating, and from surviving to thriving.














Ari Levy, MD, MBA
University of Illinois College of Medicine

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