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MedForums: Physician medical product rating and review site

by John Dayton, MD

MedForums is yelp for physicians. We are wary of sponsored content, but we trust our colleagues. The MedForums platform enables doctors to rate and review products and read colleagues' reviews also.

Draper, UT Medical Education

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About this project

The problem we solve:
Physicians want information about medical products and services that is credible, current, comprehensive, and sometimes confidential. Physicians want to interact and learn from their peers.

About our solution:
Physicians trust their peers. MedForums hosts physician-created ratings and reviews for medical products and services like Continuing Medical Education (CME), mobile health applications, and medical devices. MedForum's mantra of “read one, rate one, review one” is based on the medical training ideal of “see one, do one, teach one.”
Progress to date: The MedForums platform is currently in beta testing with both physician users and medical product affiliates.

About Our Team

Dr. John Dayton, MD
Emergency Medicine, Practicing Physician
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Medical school: George Washington Univestiy School of Medicin
Bio: I am an Emergency Physician and entrepreneur. I serve as President for the Utah Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians, and Co-Founder of Utah's Chapter of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs. My interests include toxicology, ultrasound, and innovative care models for emergency medicine. Outside of the ER, I like to spend time with my family, play soccer, and volunteer in a ski clinic.
Practice: Division of Emergency Medicine, University ot Utah
Hospital Affiliation: University of Utah
Title: Assistant Professor, Emergency Physician
Twitter: @drjohnnyd

About Our Company

Location: Draper, Utah
Other link:
Other link:
Product stage: proto
Sales: Working on it
Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

Better education and practice tools lead to better health care. Physicians use MedForums to find the best Continuing Medical Education (CME) products for their career goals. They value of the courses is determined by the physician who have completed them, not by banner ads or SEO manipulation. Better education leads to better patient care. MedForums also helps physicians find the best mobile health applications (mHealth Apps) for their patients. In addition to physician feedback, we also focus on which mHealth Apps are research-based, assist with chronic disease management, and focus on healthy behavior change. Using these tools, your influence can continue after the patient's office visit.

How We Help Education

MedForum’s value proposition for physician education includes maximizing physicians’ precious time and increasing awareness of the best education products. First, we help physicians find the best Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses to meets their needs. They can use our database to search by medical specialty, course topic, venue, price, etc., and then see what their physician peers have to say about that course. Second, they will also be able to keep a CME log that they can use for hospital and license credentialing and specialty society affiliation. MedForums also provides assistance to CME organizations with conference advertising, registration, and more useful course evaluations. These evaluations help the CME companies improve their educational product which, in turn, improves physician education. CME companies also use the evaluations for credentialing, re-credentialing and to apply for Accreditation with Commendation from the ACCME.

How We Help Physicians

We help physicians find the best medical products and services. We help physicians to both crowd-source their peers on a national scale and search for products using a comprehensive database. In addition to helping physicians find the best Continuing Medical Education (CME) and mobile health applications (mHealth Apps), MedForums also features physician-driven ratings and reviews for products like surgical tools and services like physician recruitment services.

Challenge Mission

Mission: Better tools lead to better health care. The platform helps physicians find the best medical products and services by crowd-sourcing their most trusted source: their colleagues.
Use of funds: Currently, we have a beta version of the website. The AMA’s grant will enable MedForums to improve that site and reach more physicians.
Intellectual Property Status: There is no IP at this time, but we are developing patentable computer coding and protocols.
FDA Status: This will not be required for our business.
Personal Message: We have created an innovative way for physicians to help each other find the best medical products and services. Use MedForums to find the best Continuing Medical Education (CME), Mobile Heath Apps, and other practice tools. Help us improve MedForums so that when your colleagues are searching for the best medical products, they can use physicians’ reviews and “read one, rate one, and review one.”


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    05/18/2016 Casey Papovan - Concerned Citizen

    Liked the project.













John Dayton, MD
Assistant Professor, Emergency Physician
George Washington Univestiy School of Medicin

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