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Rest of Your Life planning: Physicians into leadership roles

by Philip Lisagor, MD

ROYL is a comprehensive and integrated approach to Rest of Your Life planning. ROYL is for patients, families, loved ones and care stakeholders.

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About this project

The problem we solve:
Rest of Life Care consumes over 100 billion dollars a year while failing to meet the needs of patients, families and loved ones. This problem is increasing with the graying of the baby boomers. Doctors have been slow to address these issues, leaving patients often feeling abandoned. ROYL will put physicians into a leadership role and increase physician and patient satisfaction while delivering the care patients, families and loved ones want.

About our solution:
ROYL is a simple, modular and scalable web app which provides needed education and the machinery to achieve advanced care directives and health proxy designees including all needed signatures electronically. ROYL goes steps further addressing aging in place with adaptive architecture and home health digital monitoring and promotion of earlier use of home health hospice when appropriate. ROYL is designed by doctors for doctors
Progress to date: ROYL had been successfully beta tested in the local community, utilized as part of a paraprofessional curricula at The University of Science in Philadelphia and has helped over 10,000 individuals through local seminars and the web site. ROYL has just enacted our first contract with a University Geriatric Center. The ROYL web app is locked and loaded and ready to go.

About Our Team

Dr. Philip Lisagor, MD
Thoracic Surgery , Practicing Physician
Medical school: The University of Chicago
Bio: I'm a retired thoracic surgeon and former Ass't Dean of University of Nevada School of Medicine, Chief of Surgery Reno VAMC and former Chief of Quality Management US Army Med Command. I developed ROYL as I retired to help young doctors and surgeons do a better job of talking to patients, families and loved ones than I did in my career regarding diagnosis and prognosis.
Title: CEO and Founder of ROYL, LLC

About Our Company

ROYL, LLC Rest of Your Life
Location: Reno, Nevada
Product stage: market
Sales: Less than $250,000
Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

ROYL enables and empowers patients, families and loved ones to understand their role in Rest of Your Life planning. ROYL is founded on the first principle of medical ethics, patient autonomy. ROYL provides documents and an electronic signature for advanced care planning. ROYL also promotes legal, financial and insurance planning through information. ROYL is a comprehensive and integrated web app which is scalable and modular to fit the needs of small, medium and large practices. ROYL includes a scripted version of a family conference to enable patients and families to understand what they should be getting from their physicians and health care teams.

How We Help Education

ROYL has been used in a preprofessional undergraduate curricula with 100% acceptance. Three quarters of an hour spent looking at ROYL provides physicians with eighteen months worth of research and study by the ROYL designers. ROYL can easily become part of medical school curriculum and also easily adapts to the busy physician's CME requirements. 2016 is a game changer year as CMS now authorizes reimbursement for physicians to counsel patients with Rest of Your Life planning. ROYL gives the physician tools to make "The Conversation" easy and helpful to the patient. Life insurance salesmen have have no problem with "The Conversation," now physicians will be just as capable, having something to offer makes a difference.

How We Help Physicians

ROYL provides both the information and the mechanics to enable physicians to discuss advanced care plans with patients and their families and loved ones. ROYL promotes physician involvement in advanced care planning which is now reimbursed by CMS. This develops a triple win situation: patient, families and loved ones are involved in getting the care they want, the physician is enabled to have meaningful conversations regarding diagnosis and prognosis with patients and are reimbursed for their time by CMS, and the health care system benefits by promoting more compassionate and palliative care which has been shown to be less expensive while providing improved quality of life and often survival benefit when compared to aggressive medical management to the very end of life.

Challenge Mission

Mission: ROYL supports your mission by restoring leadership roles to physicians in caring for patients throughout their entire disease process. ROYL bridges the gap between patients, disease and physicians.
Use of funds: ROYL will use these funds to promote and market our web app to general practice, geriatric practices, and other specialty practices in US medicine. ROYL is founded and developed by a thoracic surgeon and is dedicated to the idea that all physicians, regardless of specialty, should be focused on the advanced care planning of their patients along with strategy to help patients age in place and receive the compassionate and palliative care they are entitled to at the appropriate time in life.
Intellectual Property Status: ROYL is copyrighted and trademark protected.
FDA Status: not applicable
Personal Message: The need is great and the time has never been better to be involved in Rest of Your Life planning. 10,000 Americans a day are turning 65 and this will continue for the next 16 years. CMS is now reimbursing physicians for doing the right thing. ROYL is a tool kit that provides the knowledge base and the actual tools to provide for advanced care planning, aging in place, and to increase the penetration and early utilization of home health hospice when appropriate.














Philip Lisagor, MD
CEO and Founder of ROYL, LLC
The University of Chicago

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