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Development of the iDropper TM an Eye Drop Delivery System

by Alvin Marx, BA, MD, MBA

The iDropper TM is an assist Device that spreads the eyelids and uses existing eye drop to dispense drops from their tip.

San Antonio, TX Eye Drop Delivery

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About this project

The problem we solve:
Over 80% of patients cannot deliver a full drop of eye medication to their eye. Many cannot get medication into their eye even when delivered by a second party.. The consequence is that they devlop sworsoning Glaucome or allergies and may go Blind there are ~ 100,000, 000 prescriptionsa for eye medication written a year.
About our solution:
The iDropper spreads the eye lilds and electronically puts pressure on the eye drop botttle until one drop is released.When the drop passes through an infrred beam the pressujre is released.
Progress to date: I have developed two working prototypes . This product was the major part of a funded NIH grant awarded to Care Team Solutions and a major part of a major part of a Tech Connect Award 2014 to Care Team Solutions. The Technology is protected by US Patents 8,734,589 & 8,734.408 & 2 patents pending.

About Our Team

Dr. Alvin Marx, BA, MD, MBA
Anatomic/Clinical Pathology, Practicing Physician
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Medical school: Albert Einstein, Yeshiva Univedrsity
Bio: I practiced pathology for 37 years 20 Years a Director of Laboratories. I invented the iDropper TM and hold 2 patents on the device I trained at BMHC, & P&S NYC. I practiced at St. Vincent's Hosp, NYC & St. Mary's Hosp, Rochester NY. I hold 22 patents. My most famous invention is the Ace Elbow Brace. Licensed to BD. They sold 2 million units.I have been a member of the AMA for 44 yrs. I served 6 yrs in the us Army Reserves.
Practice: 20
Hospital Affiliation: None
Title: CEO MarxDesign
LinkedIn: Yes

About Our Company

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Website: http://MarxDesign.Biz
Product stage: proto
Sales: Working on it
Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

Over 80% of patients cannot get eye drops into their eye Many do not even get their prescriptions filled. Their are over 100 Million prescriptions written for eye drop medication each year. If patients with Glaucoma do not get their medication they may go blind. Patients with severe eye infections or severe allergies may also go blind or have impaired vision.

How We Help Education

Using the iDropper TM, educating patiemtgs to take eye drops will be much easier. Currently there is no way to teach most patients how to take eye drops .

How We Help Physicians

Currently there is no way to teach most patients to take eye drops. Using the iDropper TM patient education will be easy.

Challenge Mission

Mission: The iDropper will make it much easier for physicians to successfully treat Glaucoma, eye infections and eye allergies.
Use of funds: The funds will be used to further develop the prototype and find a company to license this product.
Intellectual Property Status: The Technology is protected by US Patents 8,246.589 and 8,734,408 amd two patents pending.
Patent Link: patent Pending 14/024,527 and a second Patent Pending
FDA Status: Probably not require FDA approval gut at most a 510k
Personal Message: Savbing the vision of millions of people is a noble endeavor. In addiction MarxDesign has developed a device for delivering sterile eye drops. I strongly support this project and have used my own limited resources to develop the iDropper TM. I will not work on anhy other project until the iDropper is headed for the market.














Alvin Marx, BA, MD, MBA
CEO MarxDesign
Albert Einstein, Yeshiva Univedrsity

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