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ShareCase med Platform

by Craig Thomas, BS, MS

ShareCase med is a web platform built specifically for case-based learning in medical school.

Mt. Pleasant, MI Medical Education

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About this project

The problem we solve:
Over 60% of medical schools in the US are utilizing some form of case-based learning in their curriculum. This number continues to grow each year with the Liaison Committee on Medical Education requiring an “Active Learning” component to be incorporated into medical education. The problem is that there exists no simple and flexible case-based learning platform that allows faculty members to deliver the content that they want their students to learn. Faculty members must either use technology not built for case-based learning or they must adapt their learning objectives for purchased content, which reduces their ability to impact the education of their students. ShareCase is addressing this problem by building a flexible case-based learning platform on the web that will increase student learning and give faculty members direct control over what their students are learning as well as powerful data and analytics tools to track student performance.

About our solution:
With the ShareCase med Platform we have taken the approach that faculty members know what is best for their students. We are building a platform rich in Case Creator capabilities and powerful data and analytics tools so that faculty members can see how the class, groups, or individual students are performing on their cases. We are doing this all while creating a simple and clean interface that keeps the information front and center for the students. The ShareCase med Platform also allows for a richer learning experience with the embedding of multimedia, scoreable questions, and the ability for immediate feedback upon questions or case completion. Learning medicine requires actually hearing heart sounds and seeing the signs of movement disorder, all of this can be embedded into cases to deepen the student learning process.
Progress to date: ShareCase has been hard at work creating the perfect platform for case-based learning in the medical sciences. Before spending any development time, we spent months going to medical schools and institutions speaking with students, faculty, and administration to see what they need in a case-based learning platform. Once we knew what was needed, we set out building our beta product. Our beta product was launched in late January. We then successfully completed a Pilot Program with the Central Michigan University College of Medicine. Medical students at the college took several cases on the ShareCase med Platform during their cardiopulmonary organ system. Even with our beta platform that had a minimum amount of tools for students and faculty, over 50% of the students rated the platform as “Good or “Very Good” for delivery cases for medical learning. In addition, over 60% of the students believed that the embedding of audio and video helped them understand the material better.

About Our Team

Craig Thomas, BS, MS
Medical Student, Medical Student
Medical school: Central Michigan University College of Med
Bio: Craig Thomas is a second year medical student at Central Michigan University College of Medicine and CEO at ShareCase LLC. Craig believes strongly in case-based learning in the medical sciences at both the graduate and professional levels.
Title: CEO
Twitter: @ShareCaseLLC

About Team Members

Nicholas Cozzi
President, BS, MBA
Biography: Nicholas Cozzi is a second year medical student at Central Michigan University College of Medicine and President at ShareCase LLC. Nicholas believes strongly that business has to be an essential component of medical education and he brings his talents and this business mentality to the ShareCase team.
Phil Zerull
Biography: Phil Zerull is an experienced developer and CTO at ShareCase LLC. Phil has years of experience developing entire platforms and executing multi-million dollar technology solutions.

About Our Company

ShareCase LLC
Location: Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Twitter: @ShareCaseLLC
Other link:
Product stage: proto
Sales: Working on it
Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

While we are focusing our initial user group on medical students we see case-based learning as a great way for making sure current physicians are following the most up to date policies and procedures. The latest algorithms are always changing and a great way for hospital administrators to make sure their physicians are treating their patients with the most up to date information is to have the physicians take a case regarding a particular disease process and see if they are performing proper protocol without ever endangering a patient. This allows for an educational intervention if physicians are not treating patients properly, which ultimately helps the patient. In addition, ShareCase med could also be used to educate physicians on a particular epidemic, such as the Zika virus. Have a case created by a Zika virus expert so that physicians can run through a scenario of treating a Zika virus patient before having to figure it out the first time on a real patient.

How We Help Education

Medical education is going through a major shift transitioning away from the 8 am to 5 pm lectures ad nauseam to a more active learning approach. This is highlighted by the fact that the Liaison Committee for Medical Education requires medical school curriculums to have an "Active Learning" component now. Most schools are filling that requirement through case-based learning. The problem is that there is no great delivery system for faculty members to deliver case content to their students. With current approaches they must either purchase propriety content that cannot be changed or use technologies such as Word that lack the tools needed for effective case-based learning. ShareCase med is creating a case-based learning platform built specifically to help faculty deliver the content they want to their students, while also enriching the learning environment for those students. ShareCase med is a 21st technology solution for the medical school of the 21st century.

How We Help Physicians

Physicians want to be able to treat their patients with the newest information, while being as confident and familiar with that information as possible. ShareCase med allows physicians to take cases that will help them stay up to date with current information by treating a virtual patient first. This allows a physician to learn new information and possibly make mistakes without jeopardizing the care of their patients. The ShareCase med platform will help physicians by giving them the knowledge and confidence they need to deliver the best care they are capable of.

Challenge Mission

Mission: ShareCase is helping improve the health of the nation by improving the educational environment for the 21st century physician.
Use of funds: Funds will go directly into improving the ShareCase med Platform through development costs. We have a great team of developers that are excited about all the tools and features we plan to build and our beta product already has a lot of the basic functionality that already improves the case-based learning arena, however, we have much larger plans that will create a robust case-based learning environment for students, faculty, and administration. In order to build out those features and tools we need time and money for development.
Intellectual Property Status: We are currently exploring ways to protect our intellectual property.
FDA Status: FDA clearance is not applicable.
Personal Message: All of us at ShareCase are excited to be building an educational tool that will help medical students become better physicians! Please help us in making that a reality by voting for us and reaching out to discuss our product with us or anyone else you know that would be interested. Thank you!


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Craig Thomas, BS, MS
Medical Student
Central Michigan University College of Med

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