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Providing clinical data from wearables technology to Doctors

by Tejinder Kahlon, M.D.

A platform that uses machine learning to increase patient engagement and integrates clinical and well-being data from Wearables for hospitals and clinics, with billing workflow integration.

Cream Ridge, NJ Remote Patient Monitoring

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About this project

The problem we solve:
There are over 500 different Wearables and a good number that are FDA approved (FitBit, iHealth, etc.). But we continue to face these problems: - No Path For Patients to Self-Select and Use Remote Monitoring Tools (Wearables) and physicians to access. - Unmet Need For Integrated Billing Workflow (how will a Doctor provide remote monitoring for a patient using a Fitbit?) - Challenge Area For Healthcare Delivery Organizations to adopt Wearables (Doctor and Patients want to use Wearables but lack of a workflow is a barrier) - How to Provide Better Outcomes based Healthcare using Digital Services? (with more and more Accountable Care Organizations and move to Pay for Performance, outcomes based care needs a Doctor to do remote patient monitoring) This is a huge problem in the ambulatory (outpatient) setting in our country. This problem exists for Health and nursing homes as well.

About our solution:
Our solution, which is ready for use, is an online web-platform with clinical and billing workflow integration for patients and healthcare delivery organizations to use patient data from Wearables. This platform uses machine learning to increase patient engagement. Our solution solves the problem by simplifying decision making for the Doctor and the Patient. The Doctor and Patient collaborative select the choice of Wearables for the Patient with the Patient participating in a remote monitoring Care Plan. Our product is called Connected Health Platform and is complementary to all ambulatory (outpatient) EMRs. Connected Health Platform has a built-in progress note editor for the Doctor to author clinical notes for having provided remote patient monitoring or having performed clinical intervention.
Progress to date: Through personal investments, the product - Connected Health Platform is fully ready and fully functional. We have started demonstrating Connected Health Platform to practices. Connected Health Platform comes with Secure Messaging Service and a built-in HIPAA compliant process. The Patient does an electronic HIPAA consent authorizing Connected Health Platform to collect remote patient data that is provided to the Doctor's practice. Additionally, Connected Health Platform is highly secure and is SSL secured as a web-portal. We are seeking pilot practices that are looking to partner with us to pioneer innovation in ambulatory (outpatient) space across the country. Connected Health Platform will offer Wearables for the patients as part of the pilot engagement.

About Our Team

Dr. Tejinder Kahlon, M.D.
Family Medicine , Practicing Physician
Location: Bloomfield , New Jersey
Medical school: American University of the Caribbean
Bio: Dr. Tejinder Kahlon is a board certified family medicine physician. Dr. Tejinder completed his residency at the New York Medical College at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center. Dr. Tejinder currently practices at multiple family and urgent care facilities within the state of New Jersey. Being able to use his education and experiences in healthcare to impact people is important to Dr. Tejinder.
Practice: Immedicenter
Title: Staff Physician

About Team Members

Saleh Massasati
Chief Medical Informatics Officer, M.D., M.B.A.
Biography: I am a physician with a background in oncology, rheumatology and endocrinology. I am a recent graduate of the NYU Stern School of Business where I specialized in corporate finance and strategy. I have a varied background, enjoy meeting new people, exploring new ideas and solving problems. I aim to work at the macro level of healthcare. Being able to use my experiences to impact people is important to me
LinkedIn: tps://
Rick Parimi
Chief Architect, M.B.A., M.S.
Biography: I am a leader in business and technology leadership with management experience, including internationally. I hold MBA from the prestigious New York University's Stern School of Business with specialization in Corporate Finance, Strategy and Operations. I have also been recognize for my leadership in Healthcare Transformation with a Fellowship from Harvard's School of Public Health (the T. C. Chan School of Public Health). I successfully commercialized three products for IBM ($25M).
Twitter: @rickparimi

How We Help Patients

The issue with patient's quality of life is solved by addressing patient engagement and providing remote patient monitoring. by the time a patient is in the hospital it is generally too late. As a society, we will do well is we can ensure that patients live a healthy life when they are not in a hospital. For this we need to provide a user friendly tool for Doctors and Patients that does remote patient monitoring. Additionally, we need to solve for Patient Engagement. Connected Health Platform is the solution that solves these problems. This is why Connected Health Problem is one of the leading innovations out there that aims to help patients live better and healthier lives.

How We Help Education

The future of healthcare is becoming increasingly digital. Physicians in training will need to understand every tool at their disposal to better engage and treat their patients. Remember we are targeting younger physicians and physicians in training follow patients in outpatient ambulatory clinics. There is a strong chance at many clinics students and residents will be setting up the care plan.

How We Help Physicians

Doctors are already time starved. Doctors want to do what they do best, what they are trained for, which is to care for Patients. Doctors want to spend less time on various IT tools or systems and also do not want to be bombarded by the variance of various IT systems. At Connected Health Platform, we have solved this problem because we started designing our system with this as the foremost problem. Connected Health Platform will truly help Doctors by enabling them to be innovation pioneers. Because Connected Health Platform provides a really easy to use web-based solution that is complementary to ambulatory (outpatient) EMRs, Connected Health Platform provides Doctors become change agents.

Challenge Mission

Mission: Connected Health Platform is physician-led disruptive innovation that solves issues of Physicians and Patients by putting Patient Engagement at the heart of it all, right where it belongs.
Use of funds: We are committed to using all of the funds and resources to the benefit of advancing and supporting implementation of Connected Health Platform. The team at Connected Health is proud that the product was developed using personal funds, which has helped us keep it void of early distractions (e.g. big funding from VCs etc.). At the same time we are asking for practices across the country to consider our value proposition and if you want to support us, please let us know. If you are interested in becoming an advisor please contact us. If you are interested in becoming an investor please contact us.
Intellectual Property Status: Currently, there is multiple patent pending innovation which has not been publicly disclosed.
FDA Status: Connected Health Platform uses FDA approved devices but also allows Doctors to use non-FDA approved devices.
Personal Message: Connected Health Platform is easy to use and designed for Doctors and Patients. It is designed with machine learning to increase Patient Engagement. We are currently seeking advisors from across the country. If you have a practice and want to discuss with us how Connected Health Platform will help your Doctors help their Patients live a better and healthier life, contact us at


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Tejinder Kahlon, M.D.
Staff Physician
American University of the Caribbean

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