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Clinical summaries and Medicare compliance advice

by Brian Martin, MD

We are building intelligent clinical assistants on a foundation of a national health records bank supporting an app ecosystem for independently-developed iPhone and iPad apps.

Portland, OR For the Doctor's Office

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About this project

The problem we solve:
We are focused on two areas: 1) providing pertinent and concise patient clinical summaries to physicians, so that physicians can spend less time with EMR/EHR systems and more time with their patients, and 2) providing Medicare-mandated task lists, including recommended orders, to ensure that physicians maximize their Medicare earnings.
About our solution:
We import EMR data from multiple EMR/EHR systems via CEHRT-generated CCDA documents, map the imported data to clinical concepts defined by the UMLS Metathesaurus, map the clinical concepts to VSAC value sets and to a clinical semantic network, then create a lifetime patient record based on the imported and inferred clinical concepts. We also convert clinical quality measures used to measure physician performance into clinical decision support rules that are then applied against the clinical knowledge base defined by the patient's mapped clinical concepts.
Progress to date: We have an operational prototype but no beta customers. We have validated our technology against a clinical data repository containing about 4 million discrete medical records

About Our Team

Dr. Brian Martin, MD
Clinical Informatics (Preventive Medicine), Practicing Physician
Location: Portland, Oregon
Medical school: University of Hawaii John A Burns School of M
Bio: I am a physician, computer scientist, software engineer and entrepreneur. I co-founded and am the CEO of Recentia Health, a company focused on developing technologies that help physicians spend more time with their patients and less time with computer systems.
Title: Co-Founder and CEO
LinkedIn: docbrian

About Our Company

Recentia Health Corporation
Location: Portland, Oregon
Product stage: proto
Sales: Working on it
Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

Our software delivers disease screening and chronic disease management task lists to care managers and patient navigators, helping these "physician extenders" identify and contact those patients due for disease screening procedures, such as screening mammography, and those due for chronic disease management activities, such as referral for foot exam in a diabetic patient.

How We Help Education

Our clinical decision support rules engine allows individual physicians and physician groups to create their own clinical decision support rules that over-ride Medicare-provided clinical decision rules. For example, a physician may disagree with the CMS quality measure that states that a diabetic patient with a HbA1c of 9.4% is well-controlled, and may want to change the HbA1c "trigger" value for poor control to 6.6%.

How We Help Physicians

Our objective is to deliver to the physician a clinical summary of EMR data that the physician can review in 30 seconds or less, without turning to the EMR, freeing the physician to focus his/her full attention on the patient, and in so doing helping to restore the patient-physician relationship that has deteriorated with the advent of EMRs in the exam room.

Challenge Mission

Mission: We use the data captured by today's billing-focused EMR/EHR systems to provide concise clinical summaries and secondary and tertiary prevention recommendations to physicians and their assistants.
Use of funds: We will use the funds to work with leading user experience and user interface designers to develop consistent, elegant user-centered designs and workflows for the iPad and iPhone apps that connect to our health records bank
Intellectual Property Status: Dr. Martin owns all intellectual property developed for this initiative.
FDA Status: N/A
Personal Message: I firmly believe that the patient-physician relationship is the heart of the practice of medicine, and am working to build technologies that will help to give physicians the time they need to restore authentic relationships with their patients. I am saddened by the multi-faceted attacks on the patient-physician relationship, from intransigent EMRs to insurers forcing patients to switch their primary care physicians to the rise of the urgent care and commercial drop-in clinics. Please join me.


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Brian Martin, MD
Co-Founder and CEO
University of Hawaii John A Burns School of M

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