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NeuroRehab Coach

by Bridgette Arnett, MD, PhD

NeuroRehab Coach is an interactive web-mobile platform that offers instructional exercise videos to treat common neurological and musculoskeletal conditions and support physical fitness.

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About this project

The problem we solve:
NeuroRehab Coach is dedicated to addressing treatment of chronic neurologic and musculoskeletal conditions through physical therapy. Many conditions are managed with physical and manual exercises. Often a specific treatment plan can be prescribed by a doctor. Unfortunately compliance with physical therapy is the greatest barrier to reaping its benefits. In numerous studies physical therapy adherence is only 50-70%. Adherence plummets to 20-30% when patients are discharged home with an exercise program. Compliance is hampered by inaccessibility, reduced motivation, psychological impact of the disability, reduced knowledge of the disorder, and the financial burden of out-of-pocket costs. This underutilization of an effective treatment plan, leads to persistent pain symptoms, prolonged disability, associated psychological stress, reduced work productivity, increased risk for re-injury, protracted use of pain medications and associated increased health care costs.
About our solution:
NeuroRehab Coach is a web-mobile platform that empowers patients and physicians by making physical therapy exercises accessible to all who need it. The platform educates and engages patients using 3 techniques. • (1) Our Virtual exercise program uses a web app to affordably bring exercise videos to the patient, removing a major barrier to compliance (inaccessibility). • (2) Our educational resources provide instructional articles, videos, and question-and-answer forums that patients can use to better understand their condition, reduce the psychological burden of their disability and offer further tips for recovery. • (3) Finally, our behavioral support system, sent in the form of motivational text messages, helps to encourage and maintain adherence with their exercise program.
Progress to date: To date, we are producing easy-to read educational materials about specific disorders (e.g., sarcopenia) and have begun beta testing several exercise videos for small group classes.

About Our Team

Dr. Bridgette Arnett, MD, PhD
Neurology , Practicing Physician
Location: Flossmoor, Illinois
Medical school: University of Illinois Chicago
Bio: Dr. Arnett is a practicing Neurologist passionate about promoting the benefits of physical exercise and manual therapies to relieve pain, treat common disorders, improve mentation and provide general wellness.
Practice: South Suburban Neurology
Title: Chief Medical Officer
Twitter: NeuroSpaWellness@NeuroSpaDoc

About Our Company

NeuroRehab Coach
Location: Flossmoor, Illinois
Product stage: proto
Sales: Working on it
Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

NeuroRehab Coach assists patients by removing the barriers that impede adherence to a prescribed exercise regimen. Patients are empowered when they know more about their diagnosis and have a sense of control over their recovery. We provide educational resources, promote self-efficacy, self-motivation and offer social support, factors known to predict compliance with a home-based physical therapy program. NeuroRehab Coach is neither location nor time based, hence accessibility is expanded. NeuroRehab Coach also provides exercises for general health and fitness, with attendant educational resources about the benefits of being physically fit for all ages.

How We Help Physicians

Physicians allot time in the office or on the phone to educate patients about specific maladies and disorders. Patients sometimes leave these conversations with more questions but may not further engage their doctor. NeuroRehab Coach is a resource that extends the patient-physician discussion and supports informed dialogue. NeuroRehab Coach allows a referring physician to provide personalized care via disorder-specific instructional videos and educational resources. Physicians can also review dashboard analyses of each patient, enabling a monitor of their progress, and the potential to address any barriers to compliance or to provide continued encouragement.

Challenge Mission

Mission: As the AMA continues to support physician innovations, more medical professionals will be embolden to creatively treat their patient populations.
Use of funds: Funds from the AMA would be used wholly to design and build the web-mobile platform for NeuroRehab Coach and its extensive educational resource library.
Intellectual Property Status: The design and build of NeuroRehab Coach is the Intellectual Property of its Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Bridgette Arnett.
FDA Status: In the process of obtaining FDA clearance.
Personal Message: If you think NeuroRehab Coach can benefit you, your family and/or your patients, vote for us!


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Bridgette Arnett, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer
University of Illinois Chicago

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