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The Cost Conversation

by James Weintrub, MD

The physician founders of Moneyatrics create mobile apps that address the most debilitating side effect of healthcare - Cost.

Providence, RI For the Doctor's Office

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About this project

The problem we solve:
Patients hate getting surprise medical bills. Physicians are reluctant to talk with their patients about cost.

About our solution:
The Cost Conversation is an iPhone app that provides a structured way for doctors and patients to talk about cost. Questions about cost are asked and answered so that patients have informed expectations about their financial responsibility for their care. Practices can ask for and collect out-of-pocket costs. Office efficiency increases since staff spend less time dealing with disgruntled patients and chasing money.
Progress to date: The Cost Conversation recently launched and is available on the Apple iTunes App store. Feedback from patients and physicians has been universally positive.

About Our Team

James Weintrub, MD
Plastic Surgery , Practicing Physician
Location: Providence
Medical school: University of Cincinnati
Bio: James Weintrub has over thirty years experience in health care as a practicing surgeon, healthcare systems analyst, and entrepreneur. He was Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Providence VA Medical Center and Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at Brown University. Prized by patients for his ability to walk them through the details of their care and insurance coverage, Dr. Weintrub has also built billing platforms and decision trees to help consumers select the right insurance plans.
Title: Managing Partner • Moneyatrics

About Team Members

Andy Robin
Resident in Psychiatry, MD
Biography: Andy Robin is a graduate of Harvard College and Brown Medical School. He is also an award-winning writer, director and producer whose credits include Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live, and Bee Movie. An advocate for increased patient participation in medical decision-making, Dr. Robin has written numerous articles of practical advice for healthcare consumers.

About Our Company

Location: Providence, Rhode Island
Other link:
Product stage: market
Sales: Less than $250,000
Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

62% of bankruptcies in the United States are due to medical expenses. At Moneyatrics, we strive to help consumers avoid surprise medical bills and bankruptcies due to unanticipated healthcare costs. Our mobile app, The Cost Conversation, empowers consumers to ask the right questions, get the answers they need - to know their cost and make better medical decisions.

How We Help Education

As physicians, we want our patients to make the best possible choices. Cost information and informed expectations about financial responsibility promote better medical decision-making.

How We Help Physicians

Practicing physicians, whether they like it or not, are in business. Many physicians are unwilling, unable or reluctant to discuss cost. It's time for a change. Patients want financial information. Physicians should respond. It's time for doctors and patients to have realistic financial discussions. The Cost Conversation app makes that possible.

Challenge Mission

Mission: The Cost Conversation promotes health literacy, empowers consumers with financial information and provides physicians with a way to talk about cost.
Use of funds: We want folks to know about, talk about and use The Cost Conversation. Moneyatrics would deploy funds to promote our free mobile app through advertising and social media marketing.
Intellectual Property Status: The Cost Conversation icon and logo trademark applications were filed on September 8, 2014, published for opposition on August 11, 2015 and are awaiting registration.
FDA Status: Not applicable.
Personal Message: It's time for The Cost Conversation! Patients want to know how much they're going to pay. Physician would benefit financially and have fewer hassles. Please support our cost transparency efforts by voting for The Cost Conversation. Thank you from James + Andy.


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    05/01/2016 Kyla-Gaye Pinnock - Medical Student

    Liked the project.

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    04/28/2016 James Weintrub - Physician

    Liked the project.













James Weintrub, MD
Managing Partner • Moneyatrics
University of Cincinnati

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