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Healthy Aging Solutions for America’s Communities

by Joseph McMenamin, MD, JD

By bringing together numerous care-related services, we make access to healthcare a utility, enabling residents to manage their care from the comfort of their homes.

Richmond, VA Healthcare Access

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About this project

The problem we solve:
Growing medical expertise fosters specialization but fragments care. Polypharmacy improves problem management, but impedes adherence and risks adverse interactions. Two-career households are ill-equipped to care for aging parents. Often, these factors push seniors into long-term care before their time and against their wishes. Too often, residents become depressed and frail, sacrificing life’s zest for a precarious security. ACA emphasizes care at the site of lowest intensity consistent with patient safety. ACOs must mmet this requirement or die. Real estate developers serving seniors recognize that purchasers’ needs will change with time and seek a competitive advantage by building adaptive homes. Competent, compassionate, efficient homecare serves all these goals, and Civic Telehealth provides it
About our solution:
We will harness telehealth for in-home, coordinated care and patient education, not only with telemedical professionals and devices, but with support from house-calling physicians, nurses, phlebotomists, paramedics, and radiologic technicians. We will engage with local providers, national telemedicine companies, and consultants at AMCs. These approaches will facilitate care where the patient wants to be, and thus ward off depression, decrease fall risk, improve adherence and management of chronic problems, prolong independence, delay institutionalization, reassure adult children, and lower costs. Our technical solution will comprise a web-based health access portal, an interactive telemedicine platform (secure video chat) and remote patient monitoring. We will customize the service for high usability - e.g., from direct dialable phone numbers to automated electronic requests or video chats to arrange for care services. For all these services, we will serve as consultants & integrators
Progress to date: Civic Telehealth has pooled the talents of three professionals with relevant skills and contacts, organized an LLC, established a Web presence, identified multiple collaborators, and begun to market its concept to developers and others.

About Our Team

Dr. Joseph McMenamin, MD, JD
Legal Medicine, Practicing Physician
Medical school: UPenn
Bio: Joe McMenamin is a practicing attorney in Richmond, VA and a physician; he has been involved in distance care since the mid-1990’s. More than half his practice at McMenamin Law Offices PLLC is devoted to advising companies and providers on telemedicine issues. It also provides health law services, counseling providers and life sciences companies.
Title: Manager

About Team Members

Christian Milaster
Engineer, MS
Biography: Christian is a German engineer and the Founder and President of Ingenium Healthcare Consulting where he advises healthcare leaders. His technical expertise includes 15 years of software development, 15 years of project management, and 15 years in healthcare at employers including IBM Global Services and the Mayo Clinic.
Twitter: @healthchrism

About Our Company

Civic Telehealth, LLC
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Product stage: idea
Sales: Working on it
Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

Your mother always gave you the best within her, and still does. But she is no longer young, nor in perfect health. Timid now, she fears falls & their consequences. Her vision is less clear, her gait less steady. She takes several meds, not always correctly. You and she know her problems will last as long as she does, and that worries you both. You want to help, but you have equally sacred duties to spouse, children, job. You secretly wonder whether you must send Mom to a place where she can be watched, and if need be helped. You also know that, if that happens, she will hate it. If you are not in this photo yet, you will be. Civic Telehealth can solve these problems. Without ER visits, hospitalizations, or long-term care, houses can be built to accommodate seniors’ changing needs, yet retain the coziness of home. Healthcare can be brought to the home, virtually and in person. Medical problems can be diagnosed and treated, & chronic illness managed, with electronically-assisted care.

How We Help Physicians

Civic Telehealth’s model will help physicians improve their practices in two ways: 1. better relationships with patients; and 2. Enhanced reimbursement opportunities. The greatest source of physician satisfaction is the doctor-patient relationship. Telemedicine can enhance it. Almost universally, seniors prefer to remain in their homes. They dread forced dependency, eroded privacy, lost spontaneity, and social sterility--all too often found in longterm care. A physician who can help them stay at home is a physician they will cherish. Reimbursement is becoming increasingly available for telemedical services. Most commercial carriers cover it; most states have enacted parity legislation. To varying extents, Medicaid offers coverage in 48 states. Even Medicare has expanded coverage through chronic care management and the new Comprehensive Primary Care Plus model. Either of these benefits justifies the model; together, they compel it.

Challenge Mission

Mission: By expanding access to care, Civic Telehealth will enable physicians to continue to improve the nation’s health. By leading each patient’s care team, the physician will shape telemedicine’s future.
Use of funds: All three principals of Civic Telehealth hold day jobs. A grant would allow our team to devote more time and effort to developing our model, soliciting and learning from stakeholder input, and educating developers focused on senior housing about the benefits of making provision for healthcare in the home. Specifically, we will use the awarded funds to finance a proof of concept, to find a suitable pilot site, and to launch a proof-of-concept.
Intellectual Property Status: No intellectual property protection needed.
FDA Status: No FDA clearance needed.
Personal Message: Ask a senior where he wants to spend the rest of his days. The answer will be: at home. Ask an older woman whether she wants to move to long-term care. The answer will be: no. It is time to honor the wishes of those who have reared us, taught us, and supported us. It is time to provide them homes, now and in time to be, suited to their needs, their preferences, and their very dreams. For they do still dream, as you do and will. Longer life should not mean pseudo-life.














Joseph McMenamin, MD, JD

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