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K-Cup and Keurig for your Medications

by Nikolaos Valilis, BS (Medical Student)

TowerView gives patients prefilled medication trays that insert into a proprietary device, like a K-Cup fits into a Keurig coffee machine

Philadelphia, PA Medications

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About this project

The problem we solve:
TowerView targets the problem of medication non-adherence. According to the WHO, 50% of patients do not take medication as directed, resulting in nearly $100B in avoidable costs an estimated 125,00 deaths per year. TowerView sells its solution on a subscription basis to healthcare organizations that are financially at-risk for patient care. These organizations provide TowerView’s service to their highest risk, highest cost patients free of charge in order to improve government mandated quality scores (e.g STAR s) and reduce hospital utilization. TowerView is the only company that has designed and integrated software, hardware, and novel, senior-focused packaging to deliver an end-to-end medication management solution for patients. With the average chronically ill patient taking 5-7 medications we believe the days of the orange medication vial are numbered and we're bringing the thoughtfully designed alternative to replace it.

About our solution:
TowerView helps chronically ill patients manage complex medication regimens. Patients using the service receive prefilled trays from our partner pharmacies that separate their medications by dose and time. These trays insert directly into our connected pillbox whose proprietary sensing technology detects missed doses and triggers automated on-box (lights and sound) and off-box (text, message, or emails). TowerView’s software platform aggregates and analyzes real time medication adherence data enabling nurses and health coaches to perform targeted outreach to address barriers to adherence. TowerView’s current market focus is the 30M+ receiving care through Medicare Advantage, Dual Eligibles, and Managed Medicaid. Additional market segments include private duty homecare and select specialty pharmacy categories such as oral oncology, MS, and Hep C.
Progress to date: TowerView is currently conducting an Independence Blue Cross-sponsored, 150 patient RCT of its solution at UPenn Medicine. The company has secured pilots in heart failure populations with Cigna Healthspring, Centene, Ascension Health, SCAN Health Plan, and Anthem. The company’s highly scalable pill-sensing technology is currently patent pending with multiple continuations expected. TowerView has raised $1.4M in seed financing, which will be leveraged to convert existing pilots to scaled contracts with payers. This should position the company well for a larger Series A financing in early 2017 in order to further expand our team and accelerate growth.

About Our Team

Mr. Nikolaos Valilis, BS (Medical Student)
Medical Student, Medical Student
Location: Texas
Medical school: McGovern School of Medicine
Bio: I'm med student turned cancer survivor turned digital health entrepreneur. After being diagnosed with AML and undergoing an allogeneic stem cell transplant in 2012, I took a leave of absence from medical school to launch TowerView Health and help the millions of Americans struggling to manage complex medication regimens.
Title: CMO
LinkedIn: nick-valilis-860a6765

About Our Company

TowerView Health
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Twitter: @TowerViewHealth
Product stage: market
Sales: $250,000..1M
Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

When I was diagnosed with leukemia a slew of medications became my “new normal” and with them came challenges. Why did I have to juggle pill bottles when, like most patients, I take my medications in bunches a few times per day? Why weren’t my refills aligned so I didn’t have to waste so much time at the pharmacy? Finally, how could I efficiently remain adherent over a long period of time? These grievances ultimately led me to co-found TowerView by completely re-imagining what the pharmacy experience can be. Patients using our service receive monthly shipments of our intuitively designed medication trays that separate the patient’s medication by dose and time so they never have to worry about filling a pillbox or juggling vials. These trays insert into a connected device that actually senses when patients miss doses so we only remind patients when they need help. TowerView has made tremendous strides and I hope you'll support us in getting to that next level!

How We Help Physicians

The demands on physician time could not be greater as documentation and reporting requirements continue to expand. Medication reconciliation is an integral part of each clinical visit but the present pharmacy paradigm does little to simplify things for clinicians. Patients often get prescriptions from multiple doctors and fill them at multiple pharmacies. Nurses and physicians have to sort through this complexity taking up valuable time that could be spent further addressing patient concerns. Our care coordinators centralize a patient’s prescriptions, align fill dates to improve adherence, and give physicians a source of truth when it comes to a patient’s regimen. Each med tray we send patients comes with a tear-out that summarizes the patients complete medication schedule so it can be quickly shared and our reporting functionality allows us to share adherence reports with clinicians at a cadence most relevant to their practice.

Challenge Mission

Mission: Med students often feel like they're on the lowest rung- unable to impart change in a complex healthcare system. Our company exemplifies what is possible when passion and persistence meet opportunity
Use of funds: Many of the patients using our technology are older and, as a result, do not feel comfortable using mobile technology. That's perfectly ok since we designed the system to be self-sufficient, however, we've increasingly been getting requests from adult children that they'd like an avenue to engage with us and hear how their parents are doing with their meds while on the go. To that end, we'd like to use the AMA Innovation prize to begin developing a native mobile application to pair with our service. This app would allow care givers to notify us of med changes or other developments while also getting more real-time adherence updates.
Intellectual Property Status: TowerView’s intelligent medication sensing is enabled by technology that is patent pending (14/680,036). The patent has claims pertaining to the use of capacitive sensing in a multi-compartment device and the use of pre-filled trays with said device.
Patent Link:
FDA Status: TowerView Health's device is an FDA Class I exempt device and as such does not require any filings beyond registration of the company and product with the FDA.
Personal Message: Healthcare can only be transformed through great collective effort. With each day, healthcare's various stakeholders should look to make our healthcare system just a little bit better. TowerView is bringing together technology, process improvement, and people to reinvent how patients receive and manage their medications. We take a small step every day and hope you'll join us on this journey through your vote for us.


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Nikolaos Valilis, BS (Medical Student)
McGovern School of Medicine

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