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Automated Care Process Design on a Mobile App - The CPDSa

by Ellis Knight, MD, MBA

The Care Process Design System app. automates Lean process mapping and TDABC cost accounting, bringing these essential tools for volume to value care transformation to the provider's fingertips.

Alpharetta, GA Health Information Technology

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About this project

The problem we solve:
Many providers understand the need to transform care delivery from a volume-production to a value-production model. What they don't understand is how to go about making that very difficult change process happen. The Care Process Design System (CPDS) is a systematic approach to care process transformation that utilizes Lean process mapping, time-driven, activity-based, cost accounting and other proven process improvement and change management methodologies. The Care Process Design Application automates some of the more complex components of the CPDS.

About our solution:
The application automates the creation of Lean process (value-chain) maps and then allows the user to cost account for each step in the process using TDABC cost accounting methodologies. The interface and input of information is intuitive and can be done by front-line providers, who may not be knowledgeable about Lean or TDABC. The process maps and cost analyses produced by the app can then be used to drive higher quality and lower costs into the healthcare system at the front-line levels of care. The mobile technology on which the app is built can also allow information to be shared with front-line providers on a near real-time basis.
Progress to date: The app has been designed and "wire framed" by a team of mobile app developers. Many healthcare provider organizations have expressed significant interest in this application. We estimate the app will require three more months and approximately $120,000 to develop into a workable solution.

About Our Team

Dr. Ellis Knight, MD, MBA
Internal Medicine, Practicing Physician
Location: Georgia
Medical school: University of Oregon Health Sciences Center
Bio: I practiced medicine for over 30 years as an internist / hospitalist. I now work as a healthcare consultant for Coker Group, a large national healthcare advisory firm. I have a passion for driving higher value into the healthcare system, defined as quality per unit of cost.
Title: SVP / CMO
Twitter: @emacknightmd
LinkedIn: macknightmd

About Our Company

Coker Group
Location: Alpharetta, Georgia
Product stage: idea
Sales: 1M...5M
Employees: 50-200

How We Help Patients

The overarching imperative in healthcare today is to improve value, ie quality per unit of cost, for the consumer of healthcare services. The Care Process Design System mobile application (CPDSa) will empower front-line providers to do this by increasing their understanding of common care processes and procedures and better identifying non-value added costs within those procedures that can be eliminated. This solution avoids top-down healthcare reform, where politicians or insurance companies drive front-line care delivery changes and allows those who are most capable of safely and effectively bringing about change, ie the front-line providers, to do so.

How We Help Education

Care process design and bedside / exam room transformation of care delivery will be an essential task for all providers going forward. Academic medicine needs to prepare its students to not only provide great care, but to also design and iterate care processes so that they delivery higher quality at lower cost. Like the stethoscope around each provider's neck, the CPDSa in each provider's hand can become an essential tool for driving higher value into the care delivery system.

How We Help Physicians

Physicians must drive change and not relinquish this responsibility to politicians or insurers. The CPDSa helps them understand care delivery at the bedside or exam room level and supports the re-tooling of the delivery system so that it delivers higher value - quality per unit of cost (the essential imperative in the healthcare industry today). Physicians also desire to bring higher value to each and every one of their patients. This tool will not only support effective and efficient change in the delivery system overall, but it will also support every physician user's goal of bringing higher value to the individual patients under their care. Finally, this is a tool that each physician can use to customize care delivery in his or her practice. It is not a one size fits all approach, but instead, an approach that appreciates the variability inherent in the care delivery system and the fact that standardized care delivery will not work in many settings.

Challenge Mission

Mission: There is no greater mission right now than to bring higher value to the consumers of healthcare services. This simple tool will empower front-line providers, especially physicians, to do so.
Use of funds: The grant would be used to bring the app into full production and release it for use in the provider community.
Intellectual Property Status: The CPDSa has not been trademarked or copyrighted.
Patent Link: N/A
FDA Status: The CPDSa has not been submitted for clearance by the FDA
Personal Message: Grass roots healthcare reform can work. Please vote for this innovation, which will foster bottom-up, physician-led reform in an industry that desperately needs new tools and techniques to help us deliver higher value to our patients.














Ellis Knight, MD, MBA
University of Oregon Health Sciences Center

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