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Testable - social gaming for studying

by Dan Nguyen, BS (Medical Student)

The social and competitive way to study for board exams from the convenience of your phone.

Warren, NJ Medical Education

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About this project

The problem we solve:
What if there was a fun way to study from the convenience of your phone that incentivized studying? Medical students, residents, and physicians are so busy everyday on the hospital floors that it can be difficult to keep up with reading to prepare for shelf exams and in-service exams. There is no convenient time to take out a textbook during the day. Moreover, reading at home after a long day of work seems daunting and terribly boring.

About our solution:
Our FREE iOS application offers a cost-effective solution for users to compete in games of 5 multiple choice questions for the standardized exam and eventually the medical boards of their choice. Right now the only content that is available to the public are SAT questions. Because we are on a mobile platform, we are scalable across many different medical exams once we receive the content. We can upload content seamlessly and get it immediately into the hands of students and physicians. Additionally, having a mobile game allows us to measure unique data and behaviors such as the number of times someone changes an answer choice. As we collect massive amounts of data, we can compare how residency programs, medical schools, and physicians perform against each other. We also promote collaboration across our platform so physicians and students can work together to solve questions and medical cases.
Progress to date: In just 6 weeks, we have built an iOS application and launched on the app store on March 28, 2016. Within 2 weeks of launching, we had over 300 downloads. We started with the SAT exam because a new version of the exam just released last month, which is the opportune moment to enter the market as an engaging and fun new resource. In just 2 weeks, we have partnered up with a tutoring center and publication company to provide complete SAT materials. With the help of attending physicians, we have Surgery Shelf questions in beta on the app that was used by our classmates. Additionally, we have other faculty members at the medical school currently working on Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, and Step 1 questions for the app. We have been in talks with the NBME who have shown great interest in potentially using our product for their content.

About Our Team

Mr. Dan Nguyen, BS (Medical Student)
Medical Student, Medical Student
Location: New Jersey
Medical school: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Bio: Founder & CEO of Testable. Currently an MD/MBA student at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School with experience as a board of education representative, and 4 years of experiencing teaching middle and high school students science and medicine-related topics. Published journal articles in Orthopedics and published a chapter in a neurosurgery textbook.
Title: Founder & CEO
Twitter: @dan_win_
LinkedIn: dannguyen39

About Team Members

Steven Lu
Founder & CTO, BS
Biography: Founder and CTO of Testable. Full-stack engineer with 10 years of industry experience. He built the music app on Facebook which generated 5 million plays per month. He has worked as lead engineer for startups in NYC including Compass ( and Abacus (, a Y-Combinator company. Steve has also won awards for his talents from Facebook for best use of the Facebook API at a hackathon.
Twitter: @stevenlu
Gerard D'Onofrio
Founder & COO, BS
Biography: Founder & COO of Testable. Currently an MD/MBA student at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and sits on the committee of curriculum reform at the school. He has extensive research experience in the field of PM&R. He has also served as a calculus tutor and peer mentor throughout college.
Twitter: @G_J_DOnofrio

About Our Company

Testable Inc
Location: Warren, New Jersey
Twitter: @testableapp
Product stage: market
Sales: Working on it
Employees: 3-5

How We Help Education

Our idea has a huge impact on medical education because we offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for accessing study materials and resources. We also present these materials in a way that is engaging and stimulates collaboration and competition. As medicine becomes increasingly technology-driven and mobile app usage continues to increase, we provide a user-friendly interface that captures the users where they spend the most time. Unlike other resources that serve as only question banks, our infrastructure allows us to eventually become a teaching resource where physicians can upload 3D images, videos, and make learning more interactive. We can provide real-time data to educators so that they can address deficits in knowledge and areas of weakness as soon as they arise. We also offer an adaptive learning engine which tailors the difficulty of the questions to users when they are ready to meet the content.

Challenge Mission

Mission: By creating efficient study resources that students and physicians can access anytime, Testable can improve clinical knowledge and decision-making, which ultimately leads to better patient care.
Use of funds: We will use the grant money to work with physicians and exam writers to expand our content to multiple medical subjects. Additionally, we need the funding to cover the expenses of collecting and storing data on our servers, and acquiring customers through marketing efforts.
Intellectual Property Status: Some of the algorithms and code in our app are proprietary.
FDA Status: Our product does not require FDA clearance.
Personal Message: Testable was created by students, specifically for students and learners in the education and medical communities. Help us make our dream come true of reshaping access to study materials!


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Dan Nguyen, BS (Medical Student)
Medical Student
Founder & CEO
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

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